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Committed to R&D and commercialization of noninvasive early screening products for gastrointestinal tumors, VersaBio is a company to have developed both blood and stool DNA based screening products for colorectal cancer. VersaBio has developed multiple core technologies including complex sample pretreatment, rapid methylation detection, precise capture and amplification of nucleic acid, and methylation-targeted enhancement.


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Strive to become the world's leading provider of precision medicine and early disease screening products and to make accurate, fast and fairly priced health services accessible to all people!

Solutions for early cancer screening

Aberrant DNA methylation is associated with the occurrence and progression of many cancer types. Apoptotic or necrotic cells from tumors and precursor lesions may release their cellular DNA into bodily samples such as blood, stool or saliva. Detection of cancer-specific DNA methylation in these samples can, therefore, prevent cancer in healthy people and monitor disease status in cancer patients.

Core Products

Stool ColoDefense Test®

Screen early for colorectal cancer with 5 grams of stool without leaving home.

Detection of multiple tumor DNA methylation biomarkers in 5 grams of stool may indicate the presence of adenomas larger than 1 cm or colorectal cancer. If detected early, this test can effectively prevent colorectal cancer.

Blood ColoDefense Test®

Screen early for colorectal cancer with 10 mL of blood.

Detection of multiple tumor DNA methylation biomarkers in 10 mL of blood may indicate the presence of adenomas larger than 1 cm or colorectal cancer. If detected early, this test can effectively prevent colorectal cancer.


In-home sampling

Say goodbye to the unknown

DNA methylation detection kit for esophageal cancer screening



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