Colorectal cancer, CRC

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Colorectal cancer, CRC


  • Global trend: Ranked the third in incidence rate and the second in mortality rate among all cancer types globally.
  • Deaths: More than 900,000 people die of colorectal cancer each year worldwide, about 1/3 of which are from China.
  • Chinese trend: The incidence rate in China has climbed to the second highest among all cancer types, and the average age of onset is 10-15 years younger than that in Europe and America.
  • Cure rate: Up to 100% for adenomas, over 90% for early-stage cancer and only about 10% for advanced-staged cancer.



Disease characteristics

       Colorectal cancer is a collective term for colon cancer and rectum cancer. Abnormal tissue growths on the surface of the intestinal mucosa are called polyps, among which adenomatous polyps may develop into colorectal cancer over a period of about 5 to 10 years. Early screening can help identify high-risk individuals in a timely manner and detect colorectal cancer at an early stage when treatment is most effective, and colonoscopic removal of adenomas can prevent 75% of colorectal cancers.



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